Home Recording Studio

View from behind the mic of kitchen table studio.
The audio interface, power conditioner, and dynamics processor.
Basic Kitchen Table Home Studio. (Special Thank you to my wife Megan.)
The entire setup, minus computer, stowed away under the table.
Brought the smaller mixer home, the Q1202 is at DT Studio.

A few years ago, with friends, some very determined attempts were made to record a podcast. What did we record with? Gaming headphones and the microphones attached to the headphones. The sound was terrible at best, and each recording session ( attempt at a podcast), was not entirely fruitless, I learned a lot from those attempts. The first thing I learned, get my hands on some proper audio equipment and learn how to use it. After a few years time, that time had finally come. After much research and deciding on what audio gear to buy, I finally made some purchases. Here is the Home Recording Studio I set up in my wifes kitchen, of all places. The four mics at first, were reduced down to two microphone setup, with a four mic setup living at the studio setup inside my one workplace.

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